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Finally had time to hang some art while Luna was having her nap..
The print on the left was £9.50 from SeventyTree, the middle is a print of Matisse’s L’Elephant Blanc and was £1.50 from a thrift shop, the print on the far right was £3 from

Luna’s started doing this really weird/creepy grin. It’s hilarious.

Can’t tell if it’s adorable or hideous, but I found a tiny vintage 1950s sofa that fits perfectly in the reading corner in Luna’s room. Picking it up this week, so excited!

Taking a minute to appreciate how freaking awesome it is having our own home. So excited to have Luna’s 2nd Christmas here.


My spirit animal. 


Milk Magazine

I’ve finished my most recent project!
I found this Ercol-style mid century armchair on and knew it was my next project immediately. The frame was a lovely rich colour, there was little to no wearing on the arms and the foam was still in good shape. I had wanted to recover it in some lovely graphic Ikea fabric I found online, however I couldn’t easily get to one of their shops. In the end I instead used an old curtain that my Dad was chucking out. I’m quite glad I didn’t go for the Ikea fabric in the end, this works a lot better with the vintage 1950s cushion I’ve put it with. I’m pretty pleased with the finished result, I’ve never done any upholstery before so I think it’s gone well, especially considering it’s been 100% free!










Shit like this makes me so mad!

WOW that’s so fucking disrespectful. She’s complaining about her being exposed to feed her child in public and then this bitch has the audacity to take a picture of her without her consent and post it instagram? Seriously, what the hell is wrong with people these days. Who cares if her tits out, THE BABIES GOTTA EAT for fucks sake.

People have no brains anymore! It’s perfectly ok for Rihanna to have a dress on showing her nipples and no one cares but for a mother to feed her baby it’s looked at as wrong!

it’s public indecency #1#2 ever heard of bottles? you’re ignorant asses can get your breasts milk and put it in there if you actually cared

#1 it’s not considered public indecency if it was it would be illegal to publicly breastfeed and its not. #2 some babies won’t take a bottle, my son would never take a bottle and some mothers don’t make enough milk to pump, And we aren’t ignorant we are doing what’s best for our babies and what our bodies are ment to do! just because someone decided breasts are for sex doesn’t change what they are on our body’s for breast are on a woman’s body to breastfeed if they were made for sex I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t make milk.

it is public indecency because it is taking out two sexual organs in the public
a better option is leave your little excrement at home.

Fun fact: ‘Breasts have a lot of nerve endings just below the surface of their skin. Where nerve endings are found in dense concentrations, the sensitivity of the skin surface is greater then surrounding skin. Breasts are
intended to feed a child, and in order to facilitate that function, the nipples are highly sensitive (stimulation of the nipple area causes the brain to release hormones that will produce milk). For the woman that is not lactating, stimulation results in a sexual sensation. Nipples are two of several areas on the body that are referred to as erogenous zones.’ Therefore, it’s actually an erogenous zone, not a sexual organ. Incase you were confused, erogenous means sensitive to sexual stimulation, and to why that is is explained above. Do you drive a car? Let’s say you do, because it’s not illegal and because you just want to, right? That’s the same as breastfeeding, fuck all these reasons people give as to why people NEED to feed in public.. How about because we just WANT to and we WILL because we CAN. You don’t wanna see it? Don’t look. You gotta complain about it? You’re looking too hard in my opinion. So damn what if a child happens to see A PART OF THE COMPLETELY NATURAL HUMAN BODY THAT THEY POSSIBLY COULD GROW TO HAVE OR WANT. -_- best advice? Put something over your head, or cover up. It’s extremely funny though, this person is over here complaining about people feeding their child in public because BOOBS and yet I’m going to assume you’re happy to watch game of thrones lmaoooo. Wut. Fuck you, I hope my boobs and my child feeding offends you so much you happen to choke on your dinner. 👌 peace out mofo.

Daaaamn. That last one though!

I agree with the Instagram person’s post. What’s the big deal?? Why can’t you just cover your damn boobs!! Sure I’ll probably breast feed but beat believe I’m covering my boobs! Why would you want strangers staring at you anyways because you know damn well they will. Hell, you can’t use even a simple ass burping cloth??? How hard is it really to just put something over your damn boob?? We’re not asking you to bring a whole damn camping tent to do it in!

Two reasons spring to mind:
1. My daughter would just tug it off, she’d be distracted from feeding and then you’d see more boob than if I’d not bothered with a cover in the first place.
2. If you’re weird about seeing something completely natural, that’s your problem not mine. 


"Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory" - Dr Seuss